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Fred has Taught 1000's of Thirsty Wine Lovers the Art of How to Taste Wine with Complete Mastery! 

  • LEARN the BIG 5 Factors that affect ALL Wine and how to apply this tasting and buying! 
  • DIFFERENTIATE between a $10, $20, $50 and $100 bottle of wine! 
  • DEVELOP Laser Focused Sight, Mastering Tricky Impact Compounds, Tactics in Texture and HOW TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER! 
  • SECRETS to buying wines at retail and restaurants! 
  • MASTERING the 12 ultimate grape varieties will make you an incredible taster! 
  • GUIDE to reading labels and understanding how to assess quality!
  • BACKSTAGE look at the world of the Sommelier and Wine Professionals in the day to day wine world!
  • FOOD AND WINE PAIRING tricks and tips!
  • GROUP COACHING CALLS with Winemakers from around the Globe! 

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"Mr. Fred Dex’s ability to break down the world of wine and tasting was infinitely helpful. Delivering bite size gems to simplify what can be a daunting experience. Thank you again for taking the time."

Jahdea Gildin - Sommelier at Casa Mono

"Fred Dex is not just a great taster, he’s a phenomenon. Taking something as complex and subjective as tasting, can be not just a challenge, but a damn near impossibility- but this is where Fred Dex comes in. His methods, training, and technique, all border on zen mastery and good old fashioned fun. I’ve become better a taster along the way, as if by destiny."

Jared Hooper - Wine Director / Sommelier at Faith and Flower

"Fred Dex, while very serious about wine, made tasting fun. In particular, I really benefited from his in depth seminar on component tasting and wine structure." Carpe Diem!

Tamara Cambpell - Student International Culinary Center

"The task at hand was to develop an engaging tasting to educate and communicate to over 200 winemakers and viticulturists, in Washington State. Fred built a presentation and led a tasting to explore the state of Rosé wines on the domestic and international level. Fred was able to command the attention and interest of all present through his mastery of tasting wine. His enthusiasm and depth of knowledge was at the highest level. His ability to engage and inform a group of this level on tasting the rainbow of colors and flavors or Rosé was insightful, fun and a testament to his professionalism and character. The feedback was resoundingly positive. I already look forward to the next opportunity to work with Fred."

Megan Hughes - Winemaker at Barnard-Griffin 

While many are formulaic and scripted in their approach to wine tastings, Fred is completely in his element leading tastings. His Motley Crue T-shirt juxtaposing his blazer adored with an MS pin perfectly speaks to his passion, knowledge and one of a kind approach. He immediately draws tasters in and meets them on their level, while slowly nurturing their curiosities into a skill. Vividly navigating between introductory elements of wine tasting and the nuances imparted in wines by their mother rocks, Fred completely lives up to his title as a master. 

Jake Pippin - Brand Ambassador at Fetzer Vineyards

“When I was studying in the ICC Intensive Sommelier Training program to sit for my CMS Intro and Certified exams, Fred was an incredible tasting mentor! He made a daunting curriculum far easier to understand during his lectures, and went above and beyond the call of duty often staying late after class hours to help us out understand tasting better! Fred is truly a Master in the sense of knowledge and command of wine tasting, but also in his ability to teach and empower his students!"

Christopher Freund - Sommelier at Gotham Bar and Grill NYC

I recently graduated from the ICC’s Intensive Sommelier course and became a Certified Sommelier immediately afterward. One of the most difficult aspects of the Certification test is the blind tasting component. As his student (and as someone completely new to the world of wine) using Fred’s unique techniques for evaluating wines completely changed the way I approached wine tasting! He has such a knack for commanding everyone’s attention, and he is incredibly knowledgeable about every aspect of tasting. Most importantly, he makes wine tasting exciting and approachable by all!

Maggie Viklund - Founder at Sommerblond LLC

Fred Dex, MS

Master Sommelier / Wine Tasting Coach

Fred Dex, MS is one of 262 Master Sommeliers in the world! He has taught 1000's of students the art and mastery of tasting wine! He is offering unique group coaching courses to help professionals and aficionados to become laser focused expert wine tasters! 
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