Why Really Digging into a Wine's Color Matters!
By Fred Dex, MS
Most wine tasters don't give the color of a wine enough consideration when evaluating or blind tasting a wine. This is a complete fail if you do this!


Over the past 20 years I have been evaluating wines and tasting wines blind and for many of those years literally flying blindfolded in the way I was tasting.

I didn't give color enough consideration because that was not what I was trained to do or thought really mattered.

I was dead wrong! It was only after years of teaching that I found "New Way" of helping myself and my students understand how to use color as a guide to the aromatic and structural elements that can be expected when evaluating color.

I call this "Aromatic Anticipation"!

There is so much to take away from color and rim variation that can be applied into a simple objective system of anticipating what we will smell and what the wine will feel like.

I've developed a strategic system to use color to help my students and clients develop wine tasting mastery!

Cheers! 👊💥🍷

Fred Dex, MS

Fred Dex, MS

Fred Dex, MS is one of 250 Master Sommeliers in the World. His mission is to help wine professionals and wine aficionados of all levels taste wine like a master. 
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