Neuroscientist Says Wine Tasting Engages the Brain More Than Any Other Activity! 
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Here's fascinating study on how wine tasting can engage your brain more than any other activity!

Gordon Shepherd, a Yale neuroscientist, argues in his new book, Neuroenology: How the Brain Creates the Taste of Wine, that tasting wine “engages more of our brain than any other human behavior.” He says that drinking wine is very engaging for your brain, like, more so than doing a complicated math problem or listening to Beethoven.

This article also touches upon how difficult it is to become a Master Sommelier...It took me 3x to pass and tasting was the last piece I passed in 2007. Phew!

I've been approaching wine tasting in a whole different way in the last few years and this journey has led me to develop a program to truly teach people how to taste wine in an objective manner for both pleasure and for academic purposes.

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Fred Dex, MS

Fred Dex, MS is one of 250 Master Sommeliers in the World. His mission is to help wine professionals and wine aficionados of all levels taste wine like a master. 
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