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About Fred Dex, MS 
founder of 
Taste Like a Master
My name is Fred Dex, MS and I want to introduce you to a one of a kind online wine tasting program I have developed called TASTE LIKE A MASTER! 

I am one of 269 Master Sommeliers in the world and for the past nearly 20 years I've coached thousands of wine pros, aficionados, and everyday wine lovers to achieve a higher level of wine tasting skill. 

I've been to hundreds of wineries and tasted with some of the world's top winemakers to build years of tasting experience and insight and finally can bring this to YOU! 

My 110% passion is to teach students and lovers of wine how to become better wine tasters, buy better wines and have absolute confidence in your tasting skills. 

It doesn't matter whether you are going for a certification/accreditation or just want to become a more acute wine taster. I CAN HELP YOU!

You see the whole concept of creating something online is from the hundreds of students that have asked me over the years how they can gain easier access to tasting classes and workshops and specifically how they can learn more from my specific tasting methods. 

About a year ago I started to pay attention to this request and began a journey to develop a wine tasting "How To" platform that can reach not only my students locally and wherever I am traveling to but also students from around the world that don't have immediate access to a mentor or tasting classes in their vicinity. 

Through this process, I have developed an Online Wine Tasting Program called TASTE LIKE A MASTER. 

In March 2020 I will be offering this program to a small group of students along with a series of Group Coaching Calls to those who want to take their wine tasting skills to the whole next level! 

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